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Shoulder problems and Chiropractic

Tuesday 2nd July 2019

 With summer comes gardening jobs and possibly sports like tennis and shoulder pain is very common. One of the commonest problems is subacromial impingement syndrome. This is where pain and weakness is usually felt over the outer deltoid muscle. It is normally worse when putting your arm overhead or behind your back and can be painful to lie on the affected shoulder.

There are four Muscles with tendons called the rotator cuff that lie deep under the big deltoid muscle. These muscles hold the arm bone or humerus in place so that bigger muscles can move the arm (a bit like  putting your foot on a ladder). When you lift your arm up, the top of the humerus gets forced up into the roof of the shoulder joint. Normally a pad of fat called a bursa will cushion this but with prolonged or aggressive movements inflammation and pain can develop.

 The vast majority of these problems will resolve with chiropractic treatment which can help to mobilise the joint and stretch and strengthen the muscles. Occasionally a cortisone injection may be needed and in less than 10% of cases surgery may be performed.