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Chiropractic is about restoring function to joints. This is often performed with a quick but gentle thrust to the joint which may produce an audible click. This is caused by a bubble of gas in the fluid of the joint and is not painful.

In some cases or if a patient prefers, an activator tool is used which is a spring loaded mechanism designed to move the joint but without any clicking sound.

Work to stretch or release tight muscles is also performed and ultrasound may be employed to reduce inflammation. Exercises are usually given to maintain progress to restore muscle balance.

Chiropractic activator tool
The activator tool which can be used if the patient prefers

First Visit

At your first visit a full case history is taken regarding your current condition and also previous medical problems. You will then be invited to undress, usually to underwear and will be provided with a gown so that your spine or joints can be assessed.

Standard orthopaedic and neurological tests will be used and also more specific chiropractic test which will look at posture and spinal mechanics.

Once complete you will receive a report of findings, highlighting the problem and what the appropriate course of treatment will be. (If your case is not suitable for chiropractic care you will be advised and referred on accordingly). At this point you can ask any questions and once you have given consent, treatment would begin.

Response and recovery

Exercise programmes to help with movement in the early stages of recovery are given and if required core stability exercises such as Pilates can help to give long term improvement.

Response to chiropractic treatment will depend on the individual, the nature of the condition and on the length of time the problem has been present, but this can be discussed at the first appointment.

Newmarket Chiropractor, Suffolk
Response to chiropractic treatment will depend on the individual

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The initial consultation is £45 which includes the first treatment.

£35 for on going treatment (per session).

The first appointment lasts one hour and each treatment session is half an hour.